Bring your audio-slalom track on fire
                      Set your slalom Course on fire !!!!                     

CAS properties:

slalom turn
  • Participant list
  • Competition and training mode selectable
  • Logging of started courses for analysis
  • Easy to use system with LCD screen
  • Width of track selectable in training mode
  • all boat speeds and rope lengths as international rules IWWF
  • very easy setup and stable calibration
  • USB interface for collecting the data from the runs of the participant list to PC
  • Created on the water, not behind a desk
Mike royal

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VIDEO PREVIEW succes run

VIDEO PREVIEW failed run

Video I WK 17-08-2015 ELK GROVES
Video II WK 17-08-2015 ELK GROVES

Italie Cassoli blind 14M rope
Italie Kunert 12M rope

cas in a box
audio slalom
CAS handheld


CAS Manual
Update program FLIP
How to install the update program
Using the update utility

CAS one pager US
CAS one pager Dutch

CAS log viewer EXCEL

The Latest update of CAS is available below

JANUARI 14 2017
First official released and homologated firmware
From this version and newer it is valid for official competitions

Download HW2

Latest update for resolving the 34Kph issue
Warning: USB funcion is not working properly on USB3 ports, please use USB2 (e.g. with USB 2.0 HUB)
HW1 Firmware
HW2 Firmware

New large display version of the 2018 firmware
HW2 Large Display Firmware

Version changes

Jan 14 2017
- Full homologated firmware 
Only this version and above is valid for all official competitions

Jul 13 2016:
- Removed bug: log entry and early overtime detection

Jul 9 2016:

 - Removed corner case: rope angle 0 is now detected as a wake change.

 - Changed: Time and wake change are now exclusive. Wake change takes priority.

May 29 2016:

 - Extra time at exit gate removed. Buoy timing is based on slow boat speed table. No need for extra time.

May 27 2016:

 - Buoy timing reworked according to counsel proposal

July 27 2018:

 -update to resolve faulty operation at 34 Kph
This version however has a problem with the USB operation if used on USB3 ports. USB2 has no problem.

Reference to IWWF rules:

- Time and date is kept by a battery back-up'ed clock. The user needs to verify if it is correct at powering up and correct if needed. The time cannot be changed as long as the device is powered.

- Calibration is required after each powering up. CAS guides the user through this process. This step is mandatory and cannot be skipped. It is the responsibility of the user to perform a correct calibration. The calibration cannot be changed as long as the device is powered.

The actions above are mandatory at every power up. CAS guides the user through these steps via the instructions on the display.

Calibration instructions can be found in the CAS manual.

 -Bouy width: CAS aims to come as close as possible to the buoy width of a real slalom course. A real slalom course can be used to get a visual impression. But be aware that small deviations can exist.

 - All buoy timing is only active in competition mode. Buoy timings are based on the slow boat timing table from the rule book. The timing in CAS is based on the proposal made by the counsel which was communicated to use via Dany on Feb 2 2016 to CAS mail account.

All timings measured are related to the skier.

In short the proposal goes as followed:

Entry Gate:

- the skier gets a auditive signal when the boat passes the pre-gate. He/she may start his/her slalom course early. If the skier does not do so before he/she comes on the level of the entry gate, CAS starts the timing automatically. Informing the skier with an auditive signal. This is as decribed in the Rule book.


- An auditive signal is given at the moment CAS detects that the skier deviates enough from the center line. Be aware that the auditive signal is not an indication to turn. The visual impaired skier may round a buoy earlier, but not later than the time limits. This is a deviation from a regular slalom course.

- Exit gate:

A regular skier passes through the exit gate buoys and does not cross the center line any more. CAS mimics this and flags the end of the course at the same exit gate buoy width. Crossing the center line at the entry gate is not mandatory with CAS.

The visual impaired skier may come back to the center line after rounding buoy 6 earlier, but not later than the time limit. This is a deviation from a regular slalom course.

- Skier timing limits during the slalom course:

The SLOW boat speed time table is used as time limits.

In order to round buoy N, the skier needs to both round buoy N and cross the center line before the time of buoy N+1. There is no lower limit.

The time limit at the exit gate is set to the time of the exit gate itself.